A2B Metro (UltraMotor) Charger / Battery Questions


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I had asked for advice previously on a charging issue i had so I thought I would update on the charging issue. Now as far as what happen,

The old charger was broken, so i ordered a new one (hoping it would end the problem) but it wouldn't charge still

so i went ahead and pulled the frame battery out, and noticed i had a group of 4 cells that were real low, so what i did was buy an 18650 charger (i'm on a budget)

and opened it up so that i could then solder a new cable with magnetic leads on the end of it (+/-) that way i could easily test, and charge the batteries individually without having to take the battery apart.

Once i did confirm that I had 4 dead batteries, I went and ordered an entirely new 36v (42v) battery that i could fit back into the frame.

In the meantime i decided to try to revive the group of 4 batteries that were dead, and i'll be damned if it didn't allow the charger to start working properly and start charging the battery all the way back up. I know

this is not a long term fix, if it even is a fix, but I am trying to get the old battery working again and set up so that on a rare occasion that my A battery goes dead, I can always switch it over to B.

As far as fixing the A battery, how do i go about doing so? i cant afford a tack welder so i'm not sure how to replace them. Of course the dead cells just so happen to be in the middle of the battery.

I have added some pics that show how i charged the cells with magnetic leads,

I also wanted to thank you guys for helping me out so much! I appreciate it.

Also, something i didn't think of is how do you go about removing the cells from the spot its been welded to? I have also seen a couple youtube videos that say you can use a soldering iron, but it seems that it wouldn't have as secure of a hold. Has anyone ever tried this?

Thanks again for the help

Here is the imgur link with a bunch of pics