A2B Monster Upgraded 6800W 50Mph


The safe way to take high speed turns is to straighten the outside leg and have the inside leg bent all the way. No possibility of a pedal dragging on the pavement during the turn, when done that way.

Patrick D.

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Slap your 750w sticker on that bad boy and your good to go. I have never seen a cop with an inductive amp probe. When you see a cop ghost pedal and they are none the wiser. Just don't be a dick and fly down the bike path past pedestrians.


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I love the build, great job. Got anymore details on the build? Pay no attention to the few luddites on here most real ebike enthusiast love a hot rodded bike, in fact many questions on this forum based on how to get more power, speed and range. In fact, your build would be well received on Endless-Sphere

I ride my Stealth Bomber almost daily at 50mph, no helmet, no insurance (you'll get laughed off the phone by Geico if you even try), and I pedal the entire time.

Robert Clark

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I commute with a regular bike and an Optibike R11. I ride 22 miles in Houston Traffic one way to the office. I find closing the gap on the differential speeds between bicycle and automobile makes for a safer trip. My battery is starting to lay down on my Optibike and so I'm only at 17 to 20 mph speeds. But I felt less stress going 25 mph. I hope to get a auxiliary battery soon to get my speed back up. 30 mph would be fantastic. I could handle short bursts of 40 mph ( my current bike's top speed was 33 mph for a short burst of speed )in some areas to keep from getting ran off the road by 4 wheelers in such a hurry. Of course on my Mountain bike, no motor, my average speed is 12 mph. That includes stop lights and traffic.
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Here is a more conservative 2000W A2Beast , a complete sleeper bike, looks stock.



  • Upgrades
  • 500W > 1500W Rear Hub Motor 20"
  • 36V11AH > 48V 20AH Rear Battery
  • 2000W Controller
  • Integrated Front and Rear Tail Light



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both very nice! i got rid of an a2b metro a couple years ago but if it were souped up like that i would have kept it.

how many miles does the 1500w battery get on one charge?
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