A2B Monster Upgraded 6800W 50Mph


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That's a very interesting 9 horsepower motorcycle you built! Unfortunately it would require a lot of D.O.T. equipment and testing, not to mention license plates and insurance to ride on any public road in the U.S. and it's not really built for off-road riding. It's a real accomplishment to build it, but would be more appropriate to discuss here: http://www.electricmotorcycleforum.com/


The safe way to take high speed turns is to straighten the outside leg and have the inside leg bent all the way. No possibility of a pedal dragging on the pavement during the turn, when done that way.

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Slap your 750w sticker on that bad boy and your good to go. I have never seen a cop with an inductive amp probe. When you see a cop ghost pedal and they are none the wiser. Just don't be a dick and fly down the bike path past pedestrians.


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I love the build, great job. Got anymore details on the build? Pay no attention to the few luddites on here most real ebike enthusiast love a hot rodded bike, in fact many questions on this forum based on how to get more power, speed and range. In fact, your build would be well received on Endless-Sphere

I ride my Stealth Bomber almost daily at 50mph, no helmet, no insurance (you'll get laughed off the phone by Geico if you even try), and I pedal the entire time.

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I commute with a regular bike and an Optibike R11. I ride 22 miles in Houston Traffic one way to the office. I find closing the gap on the differential speeds between bicycle and automobile makes for a safer trip. My battery is starting to lay down on my Optibike and so I'm only at 17 to 20 mph speeds. But I felt less stress going 25 mph. I hope to get a auxiliary battery soon to get my speed back up. 30 mph would be fantastic. I could handle short bursts of 40 mph ( my current bike's top speed was 33 mph for a short burst of speed )in some areas to keep from getting ran off the road by 4 wheelers in such a hurry. Of course on my Mountain bike, no motor, my average speed is 12 mph. That includes stop lights and traffic.
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Here is a more conservative 2000W A2Beast , a complete sleeper bike, looks stock.



  • Upgrades
  • 500W > 1500W Rear Hub Motor 20"
  • 36V11AH > 48V 20AH Rear Battery
  • 2000W Controller
  • Integrated Front and Rear Tail Light



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both very nice! i got rid of an a2b metro a couple years ago but if it were souped up like that i would have kept it.

how many miles does the 1500w battery get on one charge?
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