Acceptable roof rack for eBikes?


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I have a bed long enough to hold a bike, I have a roll up cover. I have a backup camera. I did A LOT of research to find a solution to mount the bike in the bed. I didn't like most of them for heavy ebikes. I went with a hitch rack.

Maybe I'm old school and backup cameras are a new thing for me....I just use my side mirrors to backup.


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Right. This setup is what I want. The guy is using the Yakima Frontloader rack, which is rated for 40 pounds. My bike weighs a little over 50 pounds. So I need a solution to carry the bike on the crossbars over the tonneau cover.
If you've mentioned how you plan on getting that bike up there, I missed it.


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If you've mentioned how you plan on getting that bike up there, I missed it.

A 5 foot piece of plywood that lives in the truck bed, with small a small hole drilled in each side. A strap that runs through the holes on the plywood and connects to the D-Rings at the end of the truck bed. This makes a ramp, and while it is a sharp upward angle, it is sufficient to get the bike up into the bed. I use a small step ladder and walk the bike up the ramp.

This is what I currently do every day to get the bike up into the open truck bed, and it should not be any problem to get the bike atop the tonneau cover. A strong tonneau can easily hold my weight plus the weight of the bike, so I can stand on top of the tonneau with the bike while loading the bike onto the rack on the crossbars.

So far the 1upUSA rack is the only thing I can find that might work. Though it is rated for 50 pounds, and my bike is a little over that.


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The over-the-tailgate pad preserves your camera and isn't as difficult for lifting. Still, for me, it would be a non-starter as it's too heavy. Lifting 50-60lbs over my head would give me a migraine. LOL

I was seriously thinking of one of those bike pads, but didn't like the reported frame finish wear at the pad, especially if any dirt gets in there, and it's still a high lift over the tailgate. I'm looking at a bed extender, even with a 6' bed - the ebikes are just a bit longer than regular bikes, so they stick out a couple of inches which prevents the gate from closing. With one bike you can cross it over, but two or more makes them hard to fit in.

Gee, what did we do before backup cameras????