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I come from the world of road cycling but several months ago began to consider a mountain bike so I could ride some trails (nothing too crazy, just easy recreational stuff). At the same time, I have always wanted to get a bike that I could use as a commuter... and 7 miles each way on a road bike is just not really feasible because a shower would be necessary upon arriving to work. Enter the RadRover. I researched quite a few bikes and this just seemed to be a perfect blend of what I want to be able to do with a bike. Quite honestly, the runner up was probably the RadWagon, but I think the RadRover is a little better fit for me given its fat tires for trails, and lighter weight/smaller size.

So I am just tickled to death at my new purchase. I have to wait a few weeks before I get to unbox it and give it a ride, but I am really looking forward to it. In any event, I have a few things I would really like to add to my bike to make it more functional and enjoyable.

First of all, some kind of rack to carry things. This was obviously a big tradeoff with the RadWagon, but I just didn't like how big the wagon was so figure I should be able to get by with some sort of rack/basket and be just fine for carrying a couple of bags every now and then. The occasional grocery store run, a laptop bag, things of that sort. I assume RadRover's own $80 accessory will do the trick? Are there other possibly superior options out there? I don't exactly understand how they work because let's say I want to carry a tupperware dish that is 10x10 inches. That obviously wouldn't fit on the rear rack but I assume there has to be a way to attach it somehow, right?

Secondly, I really would like a way to mount my phone (iPhone 6+) and bluetooth speaker (Beats Pill, which is about the size and shape of a small water bottle if unfamiliar). Has anyone figured out the optimal way to handle this? I think I would strongly prefer the phone screen to be visible to me while riding the bike so having it up on the handlebar would seem superior to, say, using a magnet and just attaching it to the battery. The speaker on the other hand I feel like would do just fine virtually anywhere on the bike... I just need a mount for it. I see that RadRover sells a bluetooth speaker which mounts on the handlebar but I already have the speaker, just need a mount, and figure there might be a better place for it to go other than the handlebar (The LCD display, phone, and a bluetooth speaker could get crowded up there I would think?)

Thanks so much for any tips/recommendations. If anyone has pictures of setups that incorporate some or all of what I am asking for, please post!

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really like that rack you recommended. but you stated on another thread about using some other brackets?

"I used Portland design mounting brackets...they weren't wide enough to boy through but wrapped tightly enough that I'm using them for the time being."

can you elaborate on this? i would love to order that rack but will i need to order the "Portland brackets" as well and have to wrap them up with (tape)?



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I also have the axiom fatliner rear rack on my Radrover. It required no extra brackets or tape. It bolted on in 15 minutes and I was ready to go.
There is confusion on some of the threads regarding rear racks with the Radrover. This is because some folks have the 2015 model and others have the 2016. The 2015 does not have pre-drilled mounting holes for the front of the rack. In this case you need the Portland design P-Mounts or something similar. If you have the 2016 the bike now has hole mounts and nothing extra is required. Almost any Fat Tire rack will work. Rads rack at $80 seems high but obviously at least you know it will work/fit. But once again, only if you have the 2016 model.


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I also have the axiom fatliner rear rack on my Radrover. It required no extra brackets or tape. It bolted on in 15 minutes and I was ready to go.

Do you have any pictures of your RR with the Axiom rack? I want to look at the rear of the rack and the mounting points.. Thanks!