Accessory Bar - Ultra Duo 2


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I thought I would post how I set my bike up for people that are in a similar situation because I found the stock handlebar on the bike to be challenging in setting my bike up the way I wanted.

First, I highly recommend not ordering the accessory bar that Biktrix sells. You have to really clamp anything you put onto it down as it doesn't have a non-slip surface on it. It does have ridges on it, but still doesn't do a good job at securing items, especially if you plan on removing things from the bar on a regular basis. However, the phone mount Biktrix sells worked really well for me. I still prefer a Rokform or Quad Lock type system, but not having to buy a new case if I get a new phone is better, IMO.

I chose to go with an accessory bar I found on Amazon (~$80 USD) that has a 10,000mAH battery and ~1200 lumen light (the listing states 2400, but it isn't. The box it came in even states 1200). But, the light is very serviceable and an upgrade if you didn't add the Armegeddon light on your bike. Secondly, the bar has a rubber cover so it helps significantly with keeping accessories in place on bumpy trails. The other reason I chose to get this light is the integrated battery that I can use it to power my GoPro. I prefer to record my entire ride and then edit things down, and the GoPro Hero 10 battery life is pretty lackluster, IMO. However, I am running into issues with overheating on the GoPro, even averaging 14mph, so using it during the summer may become an unrealistic venture. Just as a side note, I saw a couple of reviews that complained about the fragility of the USB ports, so keep in mind you will probably need to be careful inserting the cable when you use it. Also, it's not a total PITA to remove for charging, but if you park your bike near an outlet, it's much easier to charge it attached to the bike. You can also utilize another battery bank, if you already have one. (I did not use the phone mount that came with the light bar as it took up too much space, and the bike computer mount is only for Garmin)

I moved the bike screen down to the stem and used a Quad Lock I had sitting around. The mount goes for $30 and the universal adpater sells for $15, as I assume most people don't just have an extra one sitting around. I had to move the screen as the mount for it took up a lot of space in the handlebars, and becuase the handlebars are curved, your space is very limited.

Lastly, the phone is attached to the accessory bar and mounted towards me. I used a rubber spacer that came with the light bar to keep my handlebars from getting scratched up by the phone mount, as it is very close due to curve of the handlebars.

Replacing the handlebars for some people may be easier, but this ended up working really well for me, so I just thought I would share it. It is not a cheap investment, but I think it does add a nice light upgrade (if you use it) and does have separate battery so you don't have to syphon off from your bike. I just got this a week ago, so I don't know how well this will hold up, especially the battery and USB ports, as I can tell this a mass produced thing from China that multiple vendors resell under their own "brand."