Accident on Haibike.

Rahul Sood

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Hey guys, just wanted to post about this. I got a Haibike Superace. Awesome bike, but I got some specialized fenders installed on it. This turned out to be a horrible mistake.

The dealer did a great job installing them, but I had two weird incidents. The first happened on the day I got the bike, I was riding very slowly in my culdesac, turned the wheel and went over the front bar. I wrote it off as a rock I might have hit, and low air pressure.

So after that minor incident I put over 400 miles on it and I was having a great time. Last week I was riding a paved path, going around 20mph, I slowed down a little and slightly turned the wheel. The next thing I know I was flying over the bar, broke helmet, and got major damage on my face, eye, ears, knees etc... nothing broken just stitches.. but ouch.

Turns out the front fender got caught on the tire when I turned sharp sometimes. The bike is perfectly fine, I ripped off the fenders when I got home from the hospital.

I'm going to attempt to try SKS raceblade now. I need something that unclip quickly... I hope they work well.

Ride safe, do not buy aftermarket fenders that screw in... something I would never do again.
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so sorry you got hurt but that is was not serious with broken bones etc

thanks for posting about this problem, good info

Ann M.

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Whow! Glad you're alright Rahool. Fenders can be tricky with an offroad bike. Sounds like those fenders may have been a little too narrow and long for the types of trails you ride. Clip ons are a so so solution but might just work for you.


Thank you for the report. My bike does not have fenders, and I'm not likely to get any. I am sorry you were injured, and very happy that it wasn't more serious. Get better soon!