Adding a Throttle to a Pedal Assist Roadster v2 from Ride1up


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Hello to all!!

I bought the Roadster v2 from Ride1up about 1 year ago.
I wanted a very simple to maintain and lightweight e-bike that wouldn't attract attention when chained up.
Roadster2 is that bike.
I have found the internal battery of the Roadster will not be sufficient however for long trips, so I ordered the external battery which should according to Ride1up be shipped in July.
Still pretty stealthy even with the external battery, which I can remove and put in my backpack when locking up the bike.
Will enclose photos of what the v2 looks like with or without the external battery.

My issue is that with extend range I will have to worry about overuse injuries to my severely arthritic right foot from constant pedaling.
I would like the option to install a thumb throttle on the Roadster v2 in case I start to over do it on long hauls in the hills and need a little rest from the pedaling.

This site seems to be filled with very knowledgeable people on the subject of all things e-bikes; so I was hoping for some advice?
Is the Roadster v2 controller already wired to accept wiring for a thumb throttle?
On their site this is the description of the controller in the v2 "36V 15A Landian Sinewave."

If not any advice on a controller upgrade and comparable thumb throttle to choose?
Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if I can accomplish this upgrade I will make a video of how to do so to help others.
Thank you.




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