Adding aftermarket 6-volt headlight to Momentum Transend E+ (& Giant and Liv bikes)


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As far as I know all Giant, Momentum and Liv bikes use the same Ride Control One control pad which includes a Light button, even though some bikes do not come equipped with lights.

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 1.46.43 PM.png

I therefore assumed that all Giant, Momentum and Liv bikes use the same wiring harness, which means that even though my Transend E+ didn't come with lights, there is a headlight wire and connector already installed. A quick search of these forums as well as YouTube confirmed that Giant bikes do include a 02R-JWPF-VSLE-S 02T-JWPF-VSLE- connector for plugging in a 6v headlight/taillight.

I already have a "AA" battery powered LED taillight/reflector on my cargo rack that I'm happy with and I don't want to hassle with removing the mid-mount motor just to run a wire inside the framework all the way back to where the cadence sensor wires emerge from the frame and then zip-tie the wires up the cargo rack to a new taillight, so I chose to keep my taillight and only connect a headlight to the bike's wiring. I set about looking for a compact, durable and inexpensive 6v LED headlight that will mount to the threaded hole on my front fork that actually lights my path, not simply a headlight that makes me more visible to motorist.

I found an aluminum headlight I really like at AliExpress and I have to say the fit, finish and illumination exceed my expectations.

The connectors to plug into the Giant light connector haven't arrived yet, and the crimping tool to attach the wires to the connector are crazy expensive or out of stock everywhere I have looked, so today I wired the headlight using
Posi-Tap Line Taps. Posi-Taps are not your typical wire taps, they only make a pin-prick hole in the original wire insulation and they are much more secure than any other wire tap I am familiar with. Given that the connection is inside the downtime, above the lock to release the battery, they will never be exposed to the elements or moisture.

To access the bike's headlight wire, you need to remove the battery lock mechanism. First take a fine-point sharpie and mark the location of the two 4mm Allen head nuts on the bottom of the down tube as well as marking the location of the internal mounting bracket secured with two 2.5mm Allen head screws.



Also, be sure to note the location of the trim ring around the lock cylinder.


Remove the four Allen head screws and twist the lock trim ring counterclockwise about 1/4 turn, remove the trim ring and pull the lock mechanism out of the bike.

Here's a close up of the trim ring so you can see how it installs on the lock cylinder.


Reach up into the top of the downtime and pull out the wires, the white connector is where the headlight plugs in if you have an OEM headlight or have purchased the appropriate connector and crimping tool.


The white wire is (+) and the grey wire is (-). Here you can see where I tapped into the wires with Posi-Taps and attached the AliExpress headlight wires.


That's it! Put everything back together and make sure the lock mechanism is positioned properly so the battery is held in place securely.



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Nice job, I appreciate some manufacturers like Giant and Raleigh pre-wire their ebikes for lighting like this. I recently added ebike lights to my DIY kit ebike using external cabling and Grin Tech's Anderson tap but this internal wire routing is much neater.

It surprises me Giant's Explore E+ hybrid and these Momentum ebike models are sold in the US without lights, I would totally have my Giant shop add ebike lights to any bike not so equipped.
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Very cool write up Bob. I will for sure be doing this to mine.

Id also like to somehow get a USB charging port on my bike too. That way I can run my iphone app/music/gps the whole time without draining my phone in an hour or so.