Adding Hub Motor to Bosch Bike


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I'm wondering if it's worthwhile to add a small hub motor to the rear (or maybe front) wheel on a bosch center drive bike. The reason is that for those particularly steep hills, I would like a little more torque. Also, once in a while, it would be nice to have a button (throttle) that would keep me going when I'm commuting on those not so energetic mornings.

Perhaps a Bionix or HPC "Striker" kit

Likely would only be able to use throttle mode w/ the extra kit on there.

Wondering if anyone has tried this or has any thoughts about it. I know it would likely void my warranty and make the bike less than street legal.


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two motors on the same bike? Would you be using two different batteries and two different controllers as well? Probably have to. Sounds pretty complex. And heavy. ;)


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I wonder if a Copenhagen wheel would be a good choice. This would reduce the complexity. I already have a phone cradle on the handlebars and I gather that wheel is controlled via the phone anyway so no extra computer needed. This wouldn't get me a throttle but it would likely add extra torque for quicker hill climbs.

Yes, it can make it up steep grades, but it goes kinda slow. I do have the perf motor, it's a 2015 Felt SportE model.

The bike is light to begin with ~40lbs, adding 20 lbs for another motor, controller, & battery would add a bit of weight, but it would give a bit of extra range and add a throttle.

Just curious if anyone has done this