Adding lights to Controllers headlight port - adding a switch?


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Hello all, i am working on fixing up an old electric bike from early 2000's (visit my thread to see all the steps i went through, documented everything if your curious)that was sitting un used in my boss's basement for most it's life and it is working very well right now. I am trying to add lights to the bike. I have seen people post about doing this on very old forums and referencing lights that are no longer available (plus technology has changed in light industry) so i wanted to see if anyone could give me some advice.

What i know:
1. The bike allows 20w of power to lights. I have seen people talk about using a 18w headlight and a 2w rear light.
2. The bike has a receiver (i dont think it's actually the controller) that has a power plug-in labeled "light" where i can plug in a light. But how do i connect 2 lights into 1 port?
3. With 2 lights going into a port, can i install them into a switch that i can turn on and off?