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Hi All,

I am interested in adding lights to my ebike (Ecotric 500W 48V folding fat tire mini bike).

I thought before changing it, I should seek some advice from those with more knowledge.

I am looking for a good way to get a bright headlight, and some decent tail light functions.

I thought about getting parts about like this and some wire.

The gist is that I'd tap into the battery's 48V line with a fuse for the headlights, hooking the handlebar switch to that circuit.
On the same switch, I'd hook up the DC-DC inverter to run the 12V power to power the tail lights.
I checked the one unattached black/red wire coming off the controller and it gives 4.5V when the bike is switched on.
There's another plug which has a rubber cover which I assume is the TTL connection.

The controller stow area is quite packed when I push all the wires back in, but could potentially be improved if I shortened a few wires or used a better wiring harness design.

Advice is welcome.


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Adding lights to ebikes is a great idea and running them off of our batteries is a cool idea too, but doing it wrong can unfortunately bust/brick our controllers (which has already happened to a few members), or worse.

I have thought about this and came up with something that I am going to do with my ebike when I get some spare cash.
Buy a spare Rechargeable 12V/8300mAh DC Output Lithium Ion Battery Pack, and hook up any LED lights you want to including Waterproof LED light strips which these are actually made to connect to.

You can use these DC Power Cable 12V 5A Plugs if you need any connectors which is super easy as its just splicing in some wires.

I think this is the best of both worlds solution to the LED lights.
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Thanks for the suggestion. I'll consider some designs, but I think you may be right. Also, since I was tentatively looking to have a 12V system to run an air pump, this may solve that problem, too and end up being nearly a wash on the cost.

It may just need some weather sealing, which shouldn't be too hard. I have some hi temp silicone coating and spray liquid tape I can spray on the internals.

Do you happen to have a suggestion for a horn? I think I will remove the little ring bell and put a horn since the bell is cute, but frankly useless at > 15mph.


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Yeah I used to also have a little ding bell and that didnt quite get peoples attention enough while going at high speeds so I also did some upgrading to that aspect.

I have a Motion Anti-Theft Alarm/Horn that is installed on my bike, its pretty nifty. Its like a car alarm since it comes with a key FOB that is pretty much a car alarm clicker. Its really loud and I also double its use as a horn as it has a button just for that. I just loop the key FOB around my handle bar and if someone is coming up I just push the button.

Alternatively there is the Juiced Bike Horn/Alarm which is essentially the same thing but a bit pricier.


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I've done several DIY ebike conversions over the years. One used a 48V battery pack. I included a dc-dc converter when wiring this bike to power the 12V led headlight. Worked great. I donated this ebike to the local Bicycle Kitchen when the battery started to fade, but I kept the headlight and converter.

I didn't end up building another conversion or I would have incorporated the same light and converter into it as well.