Advice for new Allant+ 8S replacement bike


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So, while my 9.9S is getting fixed or declared dead, I searched for and found an Allant+ 8S and found 2 available in my size (L).
Because the selling dealer in Orchard Park, NY does not ship, I'll most like have a road trip to go get it this coming week unless alternate arrangements can be made to get it to NJ. Road trip :)
Quite frankly, this is the bike I originally wanted from day one, not the 9.9, but back when the 9.9 was all that could be had, so be it.
Regardless, I'd like to make the 8S the bike of choice ....for me.....and am looking for advice or optional comments as to how to make it a step up.
What I'm thinking is a Suntour Mobie 45 or the 25 fork or RockShox suspension fork but unsure which is the preferred one of choice.
Also, Supernova Mini PRO-45 light & Supernova M99 taillight & Supernova M99 horn with remote switch.
Also, I'd like to put my SRAM AXS electronic shifting on it, but given the issues of the 9.9 hub does that mean I need to get the Onyx classic hub, or which different cassette, what chain and/or?
(Shimano XT CS-M8100 12-speed MTB Cassette Sprocket 10-51T or what else would be preferred?)
I can obviously confer with my LBS (I'm jumping ship from current one to a different one, so it'll be a new relationship), but I want to be sure to know if indeed I have choices for the anticipated modifications or if it is a one way street with only the same modifications as the Alaskan has specified for his 9.9 in another post.

A lot of questions, but I'm trying to remain loyal to Trek and have the bike I want.

Quite frankly the weight difference of the 9.9 to the 8S is not that much different so what was the point of the 9.9 to begin with as far as 'Carbon' vs aluminum anyway? Only 4 lbs. difference!


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FWIW, the Allant+7 comes with the Mobie25, which has a far amount of adjustment. You may be better off getting the +7S for less money, the Mobie25 and (I think) with the same frame. Then you also have the upcoming updates to the PLCX. Good luck with your decision.


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That said I’m not sure ALL of the things you wanted to do (like the SRAM AXS electronic shifting) to the 8+ can be done to the +7. Again, good luck!👍


One thing to consider is that the allant 7 and 8 are both 5mm quick release in the rear hub, this may limit options on hub upgrades in the future, especially shimano 12 speed.