Advice on buying first e bike


I had had my RipCurrent for 1.5 years with 1400 miles and it has been a great machine, no complaints.
Would I buy another RC, yes as it has been virtually trouble free though I am 81so would now buy a step through only for ease off on and off convenience.

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Juiced used to make Cross Current Step Through a few years ago, discontinued now. It was a "high" step through, about 22" stand-over height. Maybe wasn't popular, for this reason.

Most step through frames have 17-19" stand-over height - and even this can be too high for some people. Frames with stand-over height under 16" do exist, but they are less common and cost more.
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For all of those racing grandpa's... ;)

Yes! Can I fit a grandkid or two on the back?