advice on metal tool boxes for battery storage


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i have modified a cargo trailer to store and haul the bikes in

but will be bringing the batteries inside for storage/charging etc

right now i move the batteries around in a big soft sided tool bag with them individually wrapped up in towels, but with 4-5 batteries it is too heavy and not the best set up anyway

was thinking i might as well get 2-3 metal tool boxes and put 2-3 batteries in each
also wrapped in towels for protection

this will be lighter, should have better overall protection for the batteries and thought this would hopefully help limit any fire risk in my house/trailer etc

but the portable metal tool boxes i found at lowes and home depot have four holes in the bottom of them, guessing this is for mounting them to something

wondering if i need solid tool boxes with no holes in them as far as fire risk goes
all the videos i see showing/demonstrating lithium fires are small batteries in fireproof type boxes

any thoughts or suggestions would be great

the boxes need to hold at least 2 batteries and to have handles, they will get moved a lot


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Stack-On tool box from Home Depot - not stocked in store - ordered online for pickup at customer service. About $21.60. Thing is, I don't think the steel is heavy enough to not burn thru if a battery caught fire. They have holes, but the edge of the lid is one big crack.


So I will probably get some bricks and make a little enclosure around the tool box. Use a piece of concrete paver from the garden department for a lid.

This video was scary, but it shows how a heavier gauge steel can help.
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I saw that video, it is scary

The ones i got from lowes are cheap also

Been trying to find some older heavy duty ones but no luck so far

My batteries stay inside the house for temp control so bigger issue for me


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I was thinking of trying to make something like this toolbox lined with firebloc drywall but I haven't gone to look for a box yet. 1 box for 1 battery and maybe store the toolbox on top of a cinder block:



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excellent find over50
that is exactly the box i bought from lowes
was just about to return it and try to find some heavier duty ones
one concern is the easy motion battery is long enough to just fit in there, not sure it will fit it the drywall is added

this is a project i need to get going with, seems to be taking a backseat to the bike hauling trailer and bike repairs lol