Advice please re sending an electric bike from the UK to Switzerland


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Hello I bought a second hand VELEC (Belgian made) electric bike that I would like to send to our home in London, UK to our holiday home in Flims in Switzerland. Can anyone advise me about companies that send bikes, how to choose a reputable company, what to ask them, how to box up the bike and whether I need separate insurance. Would the bike be covered re insurance or should I take out a separate insurance plan for the bike in transit or when we keep it in Switzerland eg re theft.

What lock do people recommend for an electric bike, cover, accessories, lock, lights, etc?



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We suggest calling a few electric bike shops (should be a few in Switzerland) and asking if they can properly ship this for you. The issue when shipping electric bikes is to ensure that whoever is shipping the item ships the bike / battery as dangerous goods. Packaged properly the bike can be shipped by any of the major carriers like UPS, DHL etc..... assuming that the shipper is certified for DG shipping with those carriers. So once again best to call the shops and ask them. If a shop tells you there is no need to ship the battery as Dangerous Goods then contact another shop as it is illegal to ship lithium batteries without proper Dangerous Goods packing, labeling and certifications to do so.

If you can transport the battery with you by ground (not air) then the bike can be packed up at most bikes shops and shipped as regular goods. The DG portion is the lithium battery.

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Hi Will!

This is immensely helpful advice regarding the battery so thank you very much! I will get in touch with the couriers and make this point very clear as part of the requirement.

Thanks and regards