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I am 63 and my wife 62. I have narrowed the E-Bikes down to two--The Electra Townie Go, or a Pedego Interceptor 24".

They both have peddle assist, but only the Pedego includes a throttle. We plan on riding around our blocks, but Sarasota also has 12.5 mile trial that they allow both types to ride on. So, if we ride from the entire trail, that will be about 25 miles. We are in good shape, no issues, but as we get older, I was just wondering if I would regret not buying the Pedego. One "salesman" said the Pedego wasn't really designed as a "bike", so he leans toward the Electra, which is a bike. I am concerned if the Pedego will really ride like a nice cruiser bike. He is inferring that if we only use in bike mode, it will not measure up to the purpose and design as a bike.

Anyway, the models I am looking at are the Electra Townie Go 7D; or the Pedego Interceptor (24"). The Electra is about 1,500, the Pedego is about 3,000! I don't think I would use the throttle that much, but I am wondering if I will be sorry in the future. Perhaps I should get the Electra for less money, and down the road if I realize I would like the throttle, I can make the decision then. But, the throttle does seem like it would be fun, but I DO want to get exercise to.

Your thoughts?

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Hi Dwayne
My first post but had to give my opinion,
I have a Interseptor 26 step through. I'm 69 and love it.
450 miles 8 months old. Throttle is so handy I can't imagine one without it.
I'm sure people in good shape don't need it, but it has saved me so many times.
Try taking off uphill for one. Starting off is much smoother with it's help.
Have no idea about what the salesman was talking about. Ride as many as you can and buy whatever you like.


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If possible, take some test rides before you decide. I have not ridden either of these two bikes, but I am guessing the ride experience is quite different. Only a few test rides will let you know what you like and don't like.

Dwain Kitchens

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Thanks everyone. I am leaning toward a Townie Electric 8i. Since I am in Florida, I don't think we will need it. If in five or so years, I may reconsider.
Thanks for responses.


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Two Pedegos, Stretch and City Commuter, both hand throttles. We are 78 and 77. We would not have an electric bike without a hand throttle. It gets us started from an standing stop, hurries us when necessary through an intersection, helps us up steep hills. It is especially helpful when I take the Stretch to the grocery store and load it up.


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IOne "salesman" said the Pedego wasn't really designed as a "bike", so he leans toward the Electra, which is a bike.
ok? 😑 so Pedego is not a bike? what is it then?

I think the salesman was talking his words out of his a$$. I wouldn't trust a word of what he says.


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As AlanDB suggests, test ride the bikes and compare before buying! I did this with 12 different class 1,2 and 3 mid and hub drive models before choosing Pedego.
There are a lot of "throttle haters" here on the forum. Listen to what they have to say but my advice is to try one and make your own decision. Keep in mind that just because your bike has a throttle doesn't mean you have to use it.

We find the throttle to be a handy tool which we use when necessary. E-bikes are heavy and my 5' 2" wife sometimes has trouble getting started. The throttle makes doing so a breeze. Getting started in a hurry can be a safety factor when crossing a busy street. A throttle is also handy when walking the heavy bike up a slope or even a stairway.

I'm 73 and my wife is 68. We bought Pedego Interceptors because we simply liked the "feel" of the bike over others we tried. Pedego customer support is second to none and they have been extremely helpful to us so far.

Although we can both still ride our high bar bikes, we chose step thru models to deal with possible future infirmities due to aging. E-bikes are expensive and we wanted to be able to enjoy our investment for the foreseeable future. My petite wife originally looked at a 24" Interceptor but was surprised to find she could comfortably ride a 26".

Welcome to the forum and good luck with your search!

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I find the throttle important when starting out. My bicycle is a bit of a balance issue until I get over 1mph. Also like the fact when I am sharing the road with cars, I have another way of getting to top speed fast.