Alibaba sources - any experiences?


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Hi Everyone,

Some of you may have tried before, but if you type "electric scooter" into Alibaba quite a few sources show up and the majority of them are resellers.

I'm curious if any of you have had experiences with these?

Here's a few links to give you examples:

As you look carefully through the models, it'll become obvious the the manufacturers of the components are the same as what you have on some of the branded models.

Anyway, I'd be interested to hear from you.


George S.

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You may find some references to a specific seller on Endless Sphere. There isn't a lot of information. is more of a retail site than Alibaba, geared to small orders. Any information you can offer, from experience, may help someone else.


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I have experience on Alibaba from the buy side, so I can comment on how the process goes. Typically what you want to do is ask for a 'sample', i.e., a unit-quantity item. That way you can figure out whether or not something is good enough without buying a container of 300 items. Most companies will provide a sample, though note that shipment is sometimes quite expensive.

Interestingly, one thing we order on Alibaba is anodized titanium screws. Which makes sense because we're kind of a customs bike shops and anodized titanium gets us additional karma and makes us stand out. Not saying you cannot buy anodized Ti screws elsewhere, of course...