...All of the 'known issues' sticky threads


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I think these do make sense to have at the top of each of the brand forums, however I'm not sure they are being used how I typically see a sticky post in other forums - typically a sticky is created as a reference and then locked down - any updates that are needed are made by site mods.

It would make sense to me to lock these threads, and only add information to the main 'sticky' post if a new, corroborated, identifiable issue is discovered. Those issues would be brought to life via normal posts in each of the brand forums, and would each speak to the specific new issue, while the 'known issues' sticky would get updated with a new item related to the new issue once verified but otherwise remain locked and continually updated by mods only.

If the sticky threads are open to updating, they end up cluttering up the new posts view of the site, which regular members will most likely use to see updates - if it is flooded with those sticky posts, other posts are more likely to be missed for discussion.

My two cents anyway!