All Radrover owner read this


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I have the 2016 Radrover delivered the 3rd week of March. The bike has run well and I'm very happy with it. However, Saturday I went for a 6 mile ride and at the end of the ride I stopped to talk to a neighbor. I shut down the Radrover for about 10 minutes. When I went to leave the battery turned on (blue light), but when I tried to start the display, nothing happened, dead in the water. I pedaled home and first felt the battery and controller for extreme heat. Battery was cool, the controller was warm. I fully charged the batter and took a voltage reading +52V, o'k. I checked all visible connections and disconnected and reconnected them, still nothing. So I was turning the bike around and just happened to notice how tight the cables from the handle bars to the entrance hole of the down tube were especially when turning to the left. I then pulled on the cable that goes inside the down tube and with a little persuasion came out of the tube. What I found was that inside the tube there is a push-pull connector. At some time when turning the bike around to the left it pulled the connector apart. I decided to lower the controller just enough so there is enough slack so as not to pull on the cable. I also used electrical tape to hold the 2 halves of the connector together. Also take a look at how your front cables are tied. I ended up cutting some of the tiesand reorganizing the cables for more freedom and a cleaner look. Up and running again.