All singing all dancing rear rack for Rad Rhinoe (rover)


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Recently got a Rad Rhino (Rover in US by the looks of it) Its a 2019 version, lightly used, but luckily as its got the 750Watt motor, not the current 250 Watt motor shipped to UK. So happy with that, turned up the top speed today, on the controller display panel and very happy. A vast improvement over the Rad Runner i've got.

So i'm thinking about getting it right for me now and i have a rear rack dilemma. I want a rear rack that can hold panniers with the clip over lugs on most UK panniers as i have them already and discovered today they wont fit over the think Rad rack bars. I want to mount a spare Rad battery on the rear rack for those longer trips, along with a pannier each side, ability to use the Topeak top pack would be nice, slider system and as i want to start using it for work commutes and often have a lots of stuff to carry, also mount the large rear rack basket thing, i bought from Rad, sometimes.

Has anybody done this before? I am thinking a Topeak style rack with the slider system and then mount the rad battery cradle, and the large Rad rack basket onto something that will locate in the Topeak slider system, so i can interchange accessories? Does anybody make this already? UK or more likely US?


I have used my motorcycle soft luggage (with straps), it fits easily on the stock rear rack.

My only advice would be to watch out for the carrying weight. I have found various official Rad sources stating the rear rack max carrying weight is something between 18 kg (40 lbs) and 28 kg (62 lbs), so quite confusing. I guess it depends on which year model and which regional rack you get.

The battery alone weighs 3.50 kg / 7.7 lbs