Allant 7 mirror and rack bag


Appreciate recommendations for a mirror and a rack bag for the Allant 7. My Allant 7will has a racktime rack. I believe I need an adapter if I choose a bag like the Bontrager one to snap it on and off. I saw one comment that mentioned it is possible to buy that adapter plate for the racktime rack on Amazon. Has anyone purchased that on Amazon?

vismund b

Queens, NY
I’ve been using a Hafny bar end mirror from Amazon on my Allant+ 8s and it’s been wonderful so far. I’m surprised it doesn’t rattle on even the bumpiest of streets.

Richard Stallard

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I have been using the Hafny bar end mirror for a few years now, although sold under a different name in Australia (Azur Orbit). It is very good and far better than other bar end mirrors I have used previously. I recently fitted one to my wife’s Verve+2 and the insert just popped out of the grip allowing me to fit the mirror without cutting a hole in the end of the grip which I had done on other bikes.
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