Allant+ 7S One Month Update


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I bought Allant+ 7S Staggers for my wife and I about four weeks ago. In the four weeks I have put about 550 miles on mine (20 mile ride every morning except for Mondays).

Very happy with the bike so far. Quality of all the components and overall build is excellent. Getting about 65-70 miles per charge (primarily riding in ECO with an occasional bump up to TOUR or SPORT heading up steeper inclines.

I have added A Mircycle Bar-end Mirror to each bike as well as Bontrager Ion Pro RT Front Lights and Ion Flare RT rear lights. Bought some new pedals for mine (Bontrager Pro MTB pedal set) but haven't put those on yet.

In the four weeks I have had four flat tires on my bike and one on my wife's. Two of the flats sealed up on their own (bike shop put slime sealant in the tubes) but two of the flats (both rear tire) required me to pull the rear tire to replace the tube. The first time I pulled the rear tire off I was quickly able to break the tire bead and replace the tube but navigating getting the rear wheel back on was challenging. I finally ended up pulling the rear wheel center quick disconnect bolt (skewer) off the wheel to make it easier to get it seated back in the cutouts. The second time I could not get the bead to release on the rear tire and had to run to down to a nearby bike shop where the mechanic used a Park Tool PTS-1 Tire Seater to pop the bead off. He replaced the tube and getting the rear wheel back on the bike was a lot easier the second time. I will say though that if you think you can do a tube replacement or even apply a patch to a flat tire on the side of the road or bike path it may be challenging. I had mine up on a bike maintenance stand both times to get the rear wheel off and reinstalled. I have started buying some specific tools to be able to do some basic maintenance myself as well.

A couple of complaints:

1. As others have noted, not being able to turn the lights off from the controller. It appears this can be remedied with the software update or rewiring and will get the LBS to fix when I bring in for 90 day servicing
2. Occasionally get what I would describe as a rattling sound which sounds like its coming from the pedal area (or maybe the motor). Only happens intermittently when pedaling. Will get this checked out as well.
3. None of the Bontrager MIK bags fit on the Racktime Rack. After reading another post, did some research and ordered the correct adapter for fastening Bontrager bags to Racktime racks. People in the LBS were clueless about the whole situation.

Questions to others:

1. Battery charging - do you charge your battery to 100% each time? I was doing some research and found a couple of articles showing that charging to 100% gets you about 500 charge cycles but charging to ~80% gets you more like 1200-1500 charge cycles. You need to charge to 100% periodically to load balance the cells but that can be done every tenth time. Ineterested in what other owners are doing about battery charging. Since I live in the Phoenix AZ area I bring my battery inside after ride because my garage gets up yo 105+ F this time of year.
2. What other accessories/mods (if any) have you done to you Allant+ 7S? Any accessories you can recommend?

Happy riding to all!


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I have the Allant +7 and just had a rear flat (Schwalbe G-One) after 300+ miles. I was surprised when it happened and even more surprised when the Trek shop I took it to had so much trouble (like you) getting the tire back on and seated. In examining the tire and tube, the tech could not find anything wrong with the tire or the rim yet the tube had a small hole on the inside (rim side) of the tube.

I have been charging my battery to 100% every time so far. I may change that going forward. I also bring my battery in from the garage. I have heard a little clicking (about 1/2 second each occurrence) but not very often when it did. I can’t tell where the noise comes from. I too am planning on getting the Racktime adapter for bags but may just buy a Racktime bag.

When you go to get the Bosch update, ask specifically for the lights on/off function. Not sure what motor or crank your +7s has but mine is the PLCX/170mm crank combo which apparently allowed the EMTB mode (which I specifically asked for) choice to appear in the update software.


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Not impossible but very difficult to flat when running Tannus Armour. I have had one flat in more than 10,000 miles and that was an inch long piece of metal that managed to get through and make a big enough hole that the sealant in the tube would not seal.


I'm trying out tannus as well, it fits perfect into the rim, but take a bit of work to get the tire back on. Needs a slightly smaller inner tube as tannus recommends, the tubolito one fits perfect though.


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I'm trying out tannus as well, it fits perfect into the rim, but take a bit of work to get the tire back on. Needs a slightly smaller inner tube as tannus recommends, the tubolito one fits perfect though.
I let my LBS install them for me.