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I am new member from Tucson AZ. home of the Tucson loop. 54 miles of paved bike trails around the city.
6 weeks ago I bought a trek Allant+7. I have about 300 miles on it now. I do like the bike a lot. smooth, comfortable and good power.
there is one strange problem I am having that I don't have an answer for maybe someone has seen this before. After I have been riding a couple of miles there is a squeak which appears to come from my pedal area. it comes from the same spot my foot is at at each revaluation. it doesn't matter which gear I am in or which mode I am in. when I stop pedaling it stops. so it not from the tires. it will come ang go as I ride. The Pedals are both fine and turn freely. My chain is lubed. I am at loss as to what might be causing it. it is very obvious.
Has anyone seen something similar?


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Hmm, I haven't experienced this problem on my Allant+ 9s. Yet.....But I have experienced it a lot on my non-electric road bikes. A squeak with every pedal stroke. Very annoying.
Each time it has been a case of a nut or bolt at some obscure place on the bike not tightened properly according to the specified torque. So I methodically checked the torque from one end of the bike to the other. It normally helped. Use a torque wrench so that you don't overturn a nut or bolt.
Sometimes after a ride in pouring rain I would have to clean and grease the nuts and bolts and then tighten them. Somehow tiny tiny bits of gravel had entered the thread. Or the rain water had degreased the thread somewhere and that caused the squeaking. If you wash the bike with too much pressure on the water the same thing may happen.
One time it was a case of a dirty bottom bracket where a tiny piece of gravel had found its way in. It drove me nuts until I solved the problem by disassebling the bottom bracket and cleaning it. Sounds more difficult than it actually is.
I hope that you may find this useful. Good luck.

BTW this is the link I used back then to solve the problem

And this is for noise in general
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I just noticed that you also started a new thread on this topic. I agree with @LongeLance and posted a similar response to your question here:

I suspect crank arms. But that Sheldon Brown site is great information.
I had a very similar creak - only when pedalling, sounded like it was from the crank area, same spot in the revolution, didn't matter what gear or mode - I eventually discovered it was my saddle! Worth checking.