Allant - Bosch Smartphone Hub


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Attempting to digest, understand, learn, use and master the smartphone hub on the new Allant.
Poking around, I see that the Cobi app shows it is set to 2017mm for the wheel circumference and a 27.5x2.4 is 2217 yet the app only allows 2174mm max as a setting.
Also, it shows the weight of the bike as 22.069 lbs. and the bike weighs 51,5 lbs.

Any tips?

Stefan Mikes

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No idea @GuruUno but a question of curiosity. What is the maximum width of a smartphone that could be fitted in the Hub? Millimeters please if possible.

Regarding your question: have you tried to switch between Imperial and Metric both ways and see if any values make sense?


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I know not the 'official" specs, however, my iPhone XR specs are below

I did not try to change the switch between metric and imperial, but the question has been asked


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I own an Allant+ 8S With the Smart hub. I also have an Apple iPhone 11 max and an Apple Watch 5. Occasionally my heart beat does not connect to the display on the COBI phone (shows zero heart beat rate), with the Apple Watch Cobi App insisting I start the app on my iphone to recieve the heart beat info. This usually happens after I do a second round for the day, it seems that the connection to the watch and phone get out of sync. Another problem I notice is that the directional compass on the COBI display sometimes gets out of phase by 90° overtime, So North is actually showing I’m going East. Then after riding a few minutes more I’ll notice it’s back to dead accurate, and then a little while later (10 minutes or so) it’s out of sync again. Is there anyone else having these issues? Otherwise I really enjoy having this display on my bike, this is a great Bluetooth connected vehicle implementation.


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I see the very same thing: "the directional compass on the COBI display sometimes gets out of phase by 90°"
Next "thing" on my list :(