Allant Pulse vs Steady front light?


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When I picked up my bike a few days ago and took it for it's 1st ride with repaired items, I noticed that the front headlight was "strobing" or flashing while riding. I've seen this on some bikes while on the road and was curious as to how to choose which I can utilize, as I find no docs anywhere as well as it is a steady light now with no flash. Anyone?


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I have a Domane+ with a similar light system. There is definitely a light sensor that triggers this (and no manual controls). I'm not sure why there isn't more documentation on it. On the Domane, the tail light is tucked under the seat and the sensor is somewhere on the tail light. I haven't been able to identify it specifically, but if I shine a bright flashlight at it, it will go in to flashing mode. This matches behavior I see when riding. The sun has to be behind me, and the lower in the sky it is, the better chance it will start flashing. Since the tail light is exposed on the Allant, maybe it flashes more consistently when it's light out?