Allroad or 29C ?


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New member here! Are there any members in Western Washington state with the newest Allroad or 29C? If so, would it be possible to meet you for a look? Lunch would be on me. Any others with real world experience to share? I am new to ebikes. All the info out there is somewhat overwhelming. I want a mid drive to leverage the gearing, decent power and battery life. I 58, in decent shape and will not be riding crazy downhill stuff but rather a six mile work commute and occasional logging roads in the Cascade mountain range outside Seattle.

Budget leaves me with the Allroad or 29C to consider. Both great ebikes I'm sure. The Allroad seems like it would fit my needs just fine but there is something about the 29C that speaks to me. Any Allroad owners wish they popped for the 29C? Any 29C owners feel they could have bought the Allroad and saved several thousand $$$ ? Thanks for your comments.


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I can't speak to the 29C but the allroad is a solid commuter. I am running 10 miles each way here in Kansas pulling a Burley Travoy loaded with about 32lbs of junk. The 10 miles takes me anywhere between 35 mins and 50 mins depending on traffic and small route changes. I have about 300 miles on the bike at this point. One advantage of the allroad is the ability to remove the battery from the bike. The 29C battery stays in the bottom bracket. For temperature extremes and storing the bike outside of climate control this is a big deal. Here are a couple of commutes you can look at. I am 310lbs this week (dropping each week).
If you want to ask specifics send me your email and I will respond with phone number. I should also add you can buy the same allroad from New Zealand and have it shipped to USA and save money on the same bike...problem is no warranty. The NZ bike also has an earlier version of the display with fewer options. NZ also offers a full suspension version. I decided to buy from optibike and have a warranty. I also have a few rides on YouTube if you want to watch them. Do a search for: grenchly and you will see my postings.

Anyway good luck.

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Welcome Scotty:
I took delivery of a Pioneer Allroad almost a year ago and it has proved to be a really sweet commuter. I've got 1,800+ miles on the clock and my ten mile (round-trip) commute includes some really stiff grades. I don't even need to drop down to the granny chainring for any hill in my town, which is incredible.
The only thing that sucked about buying this bike was waiting for it to be delivered. It offers a lot of bang for the buck and lots of folks seem to have figured that out.
I replaced the pedals, saddle, and grips, but all of Optibike's other equipment choices have served well.
Here's some Allroad porn for your delectation: