Almost a year of commuting on the XDuro Trekking RX


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So I got my 2016 XDuro Trekking RX in February and have commuted on it almost every day since. As you can see below, I just crossed the 5000 mile mark and, weather permitting, I will hit 6k when 2019 rolls around.

This was my first e-bike after decades of commuting and recreational riding on conventional bikes and it has been all I hoped for and more. When I compare my mileage and the number of days ridden to the previous years, the Haibike helped me ride significantly more. I still go out on conventional rides on weekends but I commute 36 miles round-trip, almost every day. To imagine that those are 5000 miles not put on a car makes me jump for joy inside.

I am impressed by the quality and durability of the Haibike. I did not alter anything about it with the exception of the original Miranda cranks, which were junk. I wore out one sprocket and one cassette, am on my third set of brake pads and on my fourth chain. I also replace the rear tire, though I could probably have gotten another couple hundred miles out of it. Overall, minor things and better than I ever expected in terms of maintenance.

Here's to another year and many more miles...


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