Aloha E-friends!

Dee Kay

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Hi Gang, it is great to be on the front side of this wave. I just received my FREY DUAL BATTERY EX. I got it in Custom electric green/yellow.

I am an off road motorcyclist "A" rider, mototrials rider and am just thrilled with eMTB.

We broke old English 3 speeds in half way before MTBs. I had a hard frame Fuji then got a GT Tequestra and put forks on it. Poling around I found a frame for a Klein Mantra and built it with cable discs.

Last Dec I rode a Specialized Turbo Levo and loved it....accept for the price. Looking around and reading FREY Bikes seemed to be an interesting group when compared to Hai Bike.

The FREY Folks and Fantastic FREY REP Super Cecilia have been INCREDIBLE.

I just sent them a video and will see about posting a short one here.

All the whiners will fade away. 10 years ago if someone bought a MTB with no suspension everyone looked at them like they were crazy or stupid.

Five years from now the same is going to hapoen with electric motors. Why in the world would you not want one?

Yes there are rules, rules, rules. I have ridden dirt motorcycles offroad most all of my life. Until the was motorcyclists making, clearing and maintaining trails.

Everyone needs to learn to share and sorry, there are other people in YOUR playground. Typically MTBs hate dirt motorcycles who hate dirt 4 wheelers who all hate equestrians and hikers seem to hate everyone....even other hikers. Hahaha

Once out at Buena Vista 2 very distinguished women were on horses. We quickly killed our motors and apologized for any trouble we may have caused. The two ladies laughed, ih you biys are fine. Hell we heard you miles away. NOW THOSE NO GOOD S.O.B. mountain bike riders swoop down silently and spooke my horse last week and i got pitched. Damn tjibgs need noise makers on em or bells or something. We all laughed.

I look forward to learning more about EeeeeMTBs from this group.

Thanks for letting me join the party.

Dee Kay