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Hello everyone from Italy. I have a BMC AMP AlpenChallenge Sport. I am attaching the photo. It is equipped with a 630Kwatt battery. With this bike I have already done 4000 km and about 12000 meters in altitude. The wheels are the 30-inch Vittoria Pro Control. The bike is excellent and really handy and easy to ride. The Shimano Steps motor offers excellent support uphill in ECO mode. I don't use the other assistance levels because they distort pedaling. The ECO mode, on the other hand, is the most suitable for pedaling even with important slopes. In any case, you have to "put your own" because the more you train, the more you can save battery capacity. The engine provides assistance up to 25 km / h and then cuts off and you have to work your muscles. In the plains I can push up to 34 35 km / h but to reach these speeds it takes a fair amount of training. This bike may not appeal to everyone from an aesthetic point of view. The location of the battery is unusual compared to other brands such as Trek Pinarello Basso-Volta. But the handling and driveability is unique better than a muscle bike. Downhill safety is disarming and cannot be compared to any muscle bike. The 30-inch wheels and the weight make the vehicle literally "planted on the ground". The Shimano motor is silent compared to other motors I have tested and the transition between assistance and non-assistance occurs in an extremely gradual and imperceptible way to the cyclist. A great buy and a great bike even if the model is dated. The reliability of the E6100 engine is phenomenal and can compete with many other newer engines. I label my BMC as an eRoad and not an eBike because I believe that calling these bikes eBikes is too generic and all manufacturers are moving towards a production of targeted models eGravel ERoad eTreeking ..... This is mine happy experience. I forgot. I always charge the battery at the end of each ride and cover the battery with a woolen cloth to keep the battery warm and not too cold. After 20 charges the battery quality level dropped from 100% to 98%. They tell me it's normal and not a defect. If anyone has any information about it, write me. The charge is correct and is 100%. But checking with an E-Tunning app the battery quality dropped a little. In any case, at the moment as maximum autonomy I managed to do 180 km and about 2700 meters of positive difference in height with climbs between 7% and 14% and with a length not exceeding 7 km. An excellent result. As soon as here in Italy the climate and temperatures allow it, I will try the BMC on the Dolomites and on the Alpine passes but I'm sure it won't disappoint me. Greetings to all electric bikers from Italy.


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I've always liked the way the Alpenchallenge AMP looks. Did they increase the battery capacity? That's nice.