Alternative tyres for Superdelite - optimised for puncture resistance


I can definitely recommend 'Schwalbe Easy Fit Tire Mounting Fluid'. It does everything it says in it's rather long name!
An alternative is Fairy Liquid (or any other washing up liquid, but fairy cuts through even baked on food). Can use it dilute, I keep a bottle in my garage with a small pot and a 2cm paintbrush. Just paint it round the rim of the tyre.

Just to keep all the tips together, I cannot over emphasise the importance of pushing slack tyre round to the point where you are going to lever the tyre on at the end. I have seen people struggling with tyre levers then I have taken the wheel, put the tight section at the 6 O'clock position then move my hands round from the 12 O'clock to the 6 at the same time. The tyre has just popped on without levers. It is a fun trick, but I must admit the tyres on my SD need the encouragement of the Speedier and the Park Tools tyre levers.

Having said all that, I found my rear tyre flat again yesterday. I think that the Mr Tuffy Strip had migrated off centre at one point and a small thorn went into the tyre, around the Tuffy Strip, straight through the Tannus and punctured the tube. Maybe I should try and glue it in place or go for a Panarace. Or a solid tyre. At least fixing punctures no longer holds any fear.