Am I particularly unlucky?

steve mercier

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I have around 1200 miles on my 2015 Pedego Ridgerider and so far I've had the motor and torque sensor replaced under warranty and replaced the chain. At the rate my bike is having problems I may surpass your bike's problems if I ever ride the bike for that many miles. 90% of my riding is on my two carbon road bikes. I use the Ridgerider mostly for gravel roads and mild trails.
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What was wrong with the crank arms?

You're not unlucky, I would consider what you've had to do to be on the high side of what I would consider normal.
Bulls ebikes have a known design fault when it comes to the crank arms that they come with. I first heard about it on this forum. If you go to Bulls forum you'll see plenty of posts regarding the issue.


Your motor is not knowned as reliable.
Maybe loosing weight is a good idea?
Maybe learning to ride?