Amego Infinite Long Term Review


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Hello fellow E-biker's. For anyone interested in the Amego Infinite, here is my review based on long-term use.

I purchased my Amego Infinite Step-over 27.5" on June 2019. I've had the opportunity to put 11,300 kms on it since then. Mostly recreational and a little bit of commuting.
It is my first and only e-bike at this point, so I can't compare it to a mid-drive.

I can tell you this is a solid bike. I've even hit a deer with it along with a few other minor crashes and have had no issues with the bike. I live in Victoria and traverse all kinds of terrain from gravel trails and logging roads to city streets and bike paths. All sorts of hills and elevation changes and this bike handles it like a champ. My average range with the standard battery is 50-70 kms without worrying about the assist level I use. ( Usually in the 4 or 5 setting out of 6 ) I like to go fast where possible! Even in the winter I will still get a minimum of 40-45 kms.

The Das-Kit motor seems to be very tough. I have never had it fade or overheat, even going up the longest hills at a good speed. Of course, because it is a cadence sensor, there is a bit of a delay for power to kick in at the start. The throttle is great for helping you get to speed at the start or for a little boost when coming to a hill.

This bike is very comfortable to ride with the adjustable handlebar, suspension seat post and front shocks. Just be sure to tighten the bolt on the handle bar when you have set to your liking as that will shift under hard braking. The Schwalbe 27.5 x 2.0 tires are surprisingly grippy and smooth. This is a great commuter bike as it can assist you to about 42kmh. Stopping power is decent with 180mm front and 160mm rear rotors. I upgraded to a 180mm rotor on the back, which I would say is not necessary but always nice to have. The display is basic, but nicely displays all the info you need.

I love the simplicity of this bike. Easy to maintain and to get replacement parts. A uncomplicated electrical system makes it easy to replace parts like the controller or display if needed. Even if the motor dies you can get an entire wheel with motor for about $400. I let Velofix do the servicing as the Amego shop is in Toronto.

I took a bit of a gamble on this bike when I purchased it, but it has been very good to me. I don't think you can go wrong with this for an entry - level e-bike.


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Good to hear. I bought the Magnum Metro (basically the same bike) and have had similar satisfaction. 2 yrs, 5200 miles, 2 flats, replaced both tires with Panaracer Comet Hard Pack for better traction on gravel, added a Thudbuster seat post. Solid, sturdy, dependable and fun to ride.


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Thanks for the positive report Kelster. I’m just starting my second year of riding my Amego Infinite Plus. Although I’m a much ‘lighter use’ rider as I’ve gone less than 1,000 in my commuting to work and pleasure rides last year. But I’ve enjoyed every one of them, without any mishaps or concerns of having to walk the bike home. I find the Infinite Plus to be very comfortable and controllable ride, regardless if I’m in a rush at power mode 5 or 6, or casually pedalling with no power assist on a nice level bike path. Even after a harsh day at work, I start to smile again during the ride home.
Thanks Amego!