American-built electric bicycles


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Another article just posted on Electrek... with a bit of a misleading title.

Should read: Assembled in the US with parts from worldwide suppliers.

Now, of course, an American-built electric bike isn’t made solely from American-sourced parts. Like any vehicle, Electric Bike Company’s e-bikes have an international supply chain. German-made Continental tires, Taiwanese-made Tektro Dorado brakes, Korean-made Samsung battery cells, and other parts are all combined to create the final product. But by performing as much of the process as possible locally in California, Electric Bike Company has been able to remove the weak points normally found on cheaper imported e-bikes.

After seeing the problems with inconsistent wheel quality, Electric Bike Company invested in wheel building and truing machines. And they don’t just lace the motor wheels, they even lace their own front wheels instead of simply buying off-the-shelf standard bicycle wheels. That allows them to use their own choice of double-walled rims and Sapim spokes to build quality wheels that last for years (and help Electric Bike Company offer such long warranties).