An E-bike With A Quiet Motor

Stefan Mikes

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Mazovia, Poland
the Vado was more of a failure ?
I have been riding a 2017 Specialized/Brose motor without issues since Nov 1st 2019 (the mileage over 8,000 miles). There are several Specialized users in these Forums riding their Brose motors since 2018, no issues.

The Specialized/Brose motors had a pretty high failure rate in the past. Therefore Specialized was replacing faulty motors swiftly under warranty. Eventually, the warranty for the motor was extended to 4 years.

New Specialized/Brose e-bike motors have been redesigned, and we do not hear of the motor failure anymore.


Update 2: I've just tested a Kalkhoff bike with a Bosch Performance Line 65Nm, and the noise produced by that motor is similar to the Giant bike I recently tested. I can hear both motors, but the noise is quite acceptable, far less than the Bosch CX Gen4 which for me was really annoying.

Late August I'll be in Germany and will test the Vado/Brose bike as well, after that I'll be able to make an informed buying decision.