An Electric car (70kwh) has ~ 140 Ebike batteries (500wh)


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The vets on this site know this very well, they know the terminology, etc; we have many new members and for them mostly , please take some time to realize the HUGE benefit you just did to yourself and everyone else !!!

So, WHY charge a 3ton vehicle with 70KWH ( 8$ worth) of positive ions when you can use an ebike and charge it (500wh) for 0.07Cents ??


Avg. EV car =70kwh battery

Avg. range = 230miles

Avg. Ebike =500wh battery

Avg. range = 30miles

Most people travel daily less then 15miles.

Here's a new Bianchi ebike that costs about 20X LESS then an EV car.

Note: i know that , unfortunetly , there will be some retard sooner or later pointing out that a EV car does not literally have an ebike battery 😉.

Anyway, i don't mind , as long as you buy a 2nd or a 3rd ebike !

It's generalized my example , as in the amount of kwh/wh.

The more I think about it , the more it sounds like an electric car is just a HUGE , HUGE waste of lithium / nickel and a lot of other resources. I do know that a lot of these batteries can be and are recycled nowadays , but the rest of the car will be totaled.