Another hub drive Turbo failed today


My 2014 Turbo just stopped working half way home today, it was a very slow ride home as even with the hub unplugged it seemed like pedalling a generator!
I followed the diagnosis chart posted on another thread but no luck.
Local bike shop won't be able to look at it till end of month so it's back to the conventional bicycle or the bus for me.

I actually bought a spare display earlier in the year but that didn't fix it either.

For what it's worth when I power up - each led blinks in succession then all four led's stay on. I'm pretty sure that's normal.
No display and no lights work anymore.

Hope it's not the motor as it sounds like I won't be able to get another easily.

It's a sad day...


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Hi Tonqin,

my first post here... but an e-bike has a lifecycle around 5 years. In most casus of high usage of an e-bike the battery would be end of life within 3 years, afterthat the drive unit would fail in 5 a 6 years.

I've been in the workshop of the LBS and now i the industire for 25 years and have seen the market grow from the yamaha midmotor system in the mid '90's, the market grew explosive in the early 2000th with the roll out of the EBSC system by Accel (Koga, Sparta, Batavus., Haibike etc) and must say that most bikes are totalled at 7 years on average.

My personal E-bike is a home brew and is not been under a lot of milage (fun bike) but many costumers I know are aware of the life expentance of their bike. Usually this is around 5 years depending on usage.

My parents have 4 e-bikes. 2 traditional bieks and two folders which are overhauled by me into e-bikes. They plan to use the normal bikes fpor 3 to 4 years and buy new ones.

My wife's Como wil serve for around 4 years before we trade it in.