Another ride is booked.


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After much hassling from my dealer, I've just received written conformation that a new battery is on it's way from Spain for the BH. With this in mind, I thought that I'd chance getting the next MTB event booked up on the 22nd June 2014.


The 2mins 18 sec point in the following clip made me laugh. :D



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The pre event info arrived today, and the route looks to be pretty good.


Still no news about my battery from BH, so it looks as though I'll have to use the Haibike again, which is annoying, as it just isn't designed for this kind of stuff. That is obviously in way any fault of the bike or it's designed use. If it had decent front forks, it would be a very capable off road machine, which to be fair it isn't that bad as it stands. It's just asking far too much of the front end, and the forks weigh far more than I'd like. If I could find a set, I'd be quite tempted to stick on some carbon rigid front forks.

The current dilemma is tyre choice. The conditions are supposed to be dry, but as I hope to set out in one of the first groups, there will be dew on the grass which could make for slippery riding. Rather than doth ends with cyclo tyres, I'm leaning towards just leaving the Marathon on the rear, and then run with the cyclo cross front, but with the maximum tyre pressure in it this time. I'm going to experiment over the next few evening to see how things feel. I'm even tempted to just leave the marathons on both ends, but this adds 600grams of weight to the bike. The Marathon tyres are surprisingly pretty good considering again they aren't designed for my use. I did have a couple of high speed slides with the rear end last week on them, but the bike straightened up immediately, and I just carried on. Truth be known, I quite like that loose feel. :D

Just a case of removing the lights, and I'm good to go.



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Well that's another Wiggle event out of the way. The lad that I rode with, only wanted to ride the standard 29mile route, rather than the 40mile epic route, so sadly I didn't put the mileage in that I'd hoped for.

As I had thought, the Haibike wasn't the best of bikes to have chosen for the ride. This is absolutely no fault of the bike, just my trying to use it for what it wasn't designed for. Climbing obviously wasn't a problem although the rear Marathon, did struggle for grip a few times. Also because the other lad was on a pedal only bike, I hardly got out of eco most of the time, but did have to have a bit of play in tour and sport, then wait for him at the top of the hills. Some of the climbs today would have tested almost anyone.

The issue for me and the Haibike was the descents. Some were pretty monumental, and running a 700c x 30 front tyre, I just couldn't risk going too fast, in case of getting a flat. There were loads of bikes that got flats, and the lad that I was with also suffered a high speed blow out on the rear. I think that I was just lucky, but that was mainly because I kept my speed down, which was very frustrating. The average down hill speed for the other lad was just over 30mph, and mine was 23mph! If I'd been on the BH, my speed would have been nearer to 30mph-35mph. I did have a couple of major backside clenching moments though, as I got the bars crossed over big time, and on another occasion when the back stepped out. The corn field was also pretty scary to ride. It was very slippery, and many people came close to fallen off, myself included. Sadly there was also too much road work for my liking. :(

The finished route.


And the rest.

z1.JPG z2.JPG z3.JPG z4.JPG z5.JPG

The expression from the lad on the left, sums this climb up quite nicely.


And an embarrassingly clean post ride bike. Note cable tie around battery. This was just a precaution.


After 29 miles and I still have plenty of life left in the battery.


I am going to miss the next two rides, which then means that there isn't sadly anything else until autumn. :(


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Awesome update @EddieJ! These rides look so fun and it's impressive how well you guys handle the terrain. The way you talk about managing speed and keeping your tires from getting flats is illuminating. Glad the Haibike made it through. Hope the Neo Xtrem is back in the game for you soon :)


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Many thanks Court. Considering that it isn't designed for it, the Haibike is a surprisingly spritely and capable bike off road. Judging by the noise that the front forks are now making, I think that they could well be damaged though now. I must add that if they are, then this is no fault or reflection upon Haibike. Just my use of the bike.

Ref the BH. It is now back with my dealer having a once over before handing it back to me. I'm not going into details on here, but my days of wanting anything to do with BH as a company are well and truly over. :(