Another Wow!


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So, we got a call from a fellow in San Francisco and did a personal demo last Tuesday on our new SmartMotion Pacer. He called the next day and bought it. So, I adjusted the seat on the new SmartMotion Catalyst demo we have and rode it to coffee for the past 2 days. I was pestered at Peets for a demo ride. The guy comes back from a 10 minute ride and wants to buy it.

If you live anywhere near a SmartMotion dealer you own it to yourself to hop on a Catalyst or Pacer. I'd love to hear your impressions. Thanks,


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I tried a couple of their bikes yesterday, at the urging of the owner of the local e-bike shop.
The E-city, the Mid-city and the X-city.
They were all surprisingly enjoyable and I'm still grinning every time I think about the X-city.

None of them are anything like what I thought I wanted - but the X-city may well end up being my 1st E-bike.