Any 68mm BB frames with a stealthy 12+ Ah battery compartment sold?

Mike leroy

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Does any manufacturer sell just the frame with a built in 48V, 12-17Ah battery compartment ? Not interested in a bottle type battery, too unstealthy.

The frame could be hardtail or full suspension.

I am considering a 1000W Falco, 80Nm rear hub or 750W 8Fun mid-drive.

For the 8Fun 750W, The bottom bracket needs to be 68 or 73mm. I want to put a 48V, 750W 8Fun motor in it. I am willing to also buy a 750W 8Fun motor with the frame. provided the motor is the torque sensor version to avoid gear mashing, all the desired sensors.

My goal is explained here.

I am looking for a frame that looks similar to the following stealthy Volton mid-drive:

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
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