Any advice on a good bicycle trailer to use with a Stride 500?


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I have recently become a proud owner of a ProdecoTech Stride 500.

I have a young grand daughter and I would like to take her on short rides around the neighborhood in a bicycle trailer. I have been researching child bicycle trailers and I have not yet come up with any definitive answers on whether there is a good bicycle trailer that will work with a Prodeco ebike like the Stride 500. Most of the bicycle trailers today are designed to attach to a rear axle. As I understand it, however, the Prodeco axle has a larger diameter than a standard bicycle axle. Also, I assume there could be safety concerns with attaching a trailer to the rear axle of an ebike with a rear hub motor. In fact, one manufacturer of bicycle trailers, Allen Sports, specifically states in its manual: "This trailer should never be used with electric bicycles, or any motorcycle or any motorized vehicle." I have also found that there are a few bicycle trailers that can be attached to the rear dropouts of a bicycle; in fact, Burley has something it calls the "classic" hitch. However, the literature also indicates that the classic hitch is incompatible with bikes that have disc brakes. Finally, I know that there a few trailers that can be attached to a seat post, but I assume that the battery location precludes that alternative on a Prodeco Stride 500.

So I would love to hear from anyone who has come up with any answers on how to attach a bicycle trailer to a ProdecoTech ebike.

Thank you in advance for any advice or suggestions!