Any advice on an upgrade model from the Trace..?

mark gill

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Hi Guys,

I was pretty happy with the bike, but I'm beginning to wonder now...

I LOVE the speed -- I get to 29.4 mph before it cuts out. I also love the fact that it really feels like a "real" bicycle.

Some things I don't like: the rear brake pads are hidden behind the hub and can't be adjusted without taking the wheel off. I'm not a bike mechanic and don't have the time to be whipping the wheel off every week (the speed and weight of the machine add up to murder on the pads).

The stiff gear switcher is giving me a pain in the thumb.

There is a very unhealthy-sounding click emanating from the back wheel every revolution. REI said it's part of the motor and didn't want to deal (but I'm pretty sure it didn't come out of the factory sounding like that).

I find the pedal assist intermittent and jerky.

And what might be the deal-breaker: the charger came apart and its inner cables snapped. I took it back to REI. They called Curry (?) and were told the charger isn't under warranty and a new one will cost $165. Huge warning bells. To assert that the charger isn't under warranty after just a few hundred miles is pure Bee ess. I fear I'm dealing with a company that doesn't give a toss, and that I will get no joy when something else happens in the future (of course i told REI that I didn't buy the bike from Curry, but from them. They looked suitably sheepish and ordered me a new cable for free).

I want: the same comfortable, FASTbike, but with a smoother pedal assist, no noise from the hub, and better brakes, and I want to buy it form a company I trust. Of course, brake and gear shifter upgrades are possible, but why not just buy a better like for $1,000 more with better fittings if you're going to start upgrading?

Does anyone have any ideas? I quite like the look of the BESV Jaguar (haven't test ridden it yet) but have her it maxes out at 20 mph.

Would be eternally grateful to hear your advice and thoughts.



ps. someone was asking about range. I was a bit disappointed here (but maybe you pay for higher speeds with shorter battery). FYI I get ten miles on my daily commute (but the first 5.6 miles of that have a net rise in elevation of 748 feet)