Any big trips planned?


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I live in Mn and we are locked in cold and snow for a couple more months. Time to get out!
Heading to Bentonviller, AR for some riding.
Anyone else got big plans around eBiking?

*******don't mean to insult anyone's intellegience....but this is open on the interwebs so don't post specifics of dates your leaving, your hometown, etc.*****


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Madion In is having a roots music jam 6/13. It is about 20 miles from my summer camp, but I've been afraid to ride there due to the busy state highway the last 4 miles. Also the heavy grade out of the Ohio river valley where the park is to the plateau where the roads and my camp are. Also one has to ride there & back in the same day. The trip back from 2300 to 0300. Then I play piano the service @ 1030 Sun AM.
Not worried about thieves, they would have to bring a 20 ton low boy trailer to steal my valuables. Also back it in my quarter mile driveway. If they turn out on the flat field they'll sink to the axles.


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I am hoping, weather being very unpredictable during April around Asheville, to do an overnighter (perhaps 2 nights) to get an idea what hammock camping is like along with an eFattie for bikepacking. I will mostly stick to the gazillion gravel routes with perhaps a double/single track thrown in. Elevation is unavoidable so range might be an issue ( I will have an extra battery and try to make the back half ( I have no idea how far I will get on the front half) mostly down hill. I have done pretty well learning to cut out the motor on declines or flat ground, how well will soon be answered.

I am not a walker/hiker/backpacker. This is not an age's a long held disinterest ( I even extended my service in the Army 1 year to fly rather than "hump"). That said, when I did do some weekend backpacking with a friend I was blown away at how relaxed I was in a remote camp site. eBikes should provide even more opportunity for that. :)