Any body know anything about Iacoccas ebike?


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I think I have a dead battery but don't know for sure. Green light turns on when I plug in charger but no other lights. If so where can I get a replacement and could I up to a 36 volt. I have a 24 v now

Ann M.

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@mrmemo , which EV Global Ebike do you have? There were several and some were 24V and others 36V. The24V controllers on those early models were not designed to be pushed at higher voltage and you could fry an OEM part that has limited availability if you do that. We've done lots of replacement battery set ups for the folks who had the 36V pack that is no longer made. If you have a 24V EBike, it may be possible to just replace the batteries with new SLA, etc. We need more info from you!