Any Ebike with only throttle 25km/H ?


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Hello from Stockholm Sweden, I stated to work as bicycle messenger on food delivery companies. Ubet Eats and much better German Foodora.(only allowed to do with bikes no scooter)
Everything was going good until I started to have meniscus problem on my knees. Now I have to not to pedal but to buy an ebike capable of doing 25km/h only with throttle or both full pedal assist and full power throttle . I have googled but too much info pollution about ebikes sold on net.

I am not handy to make conversations. Which brands have ready-to-ride ebike with support of full power from hubmotor?


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hi, sorry to read about your knee. I'd suggest you ask this question on the U.K. Pedelecs forum and German Pedelec forum. Most folk on here are in the US with a 20mph/32kmh limit for Class 2 throttle E-bikes. E-bikes sold for the European market come with a 25kmh PAS limit but throttle only is limited to 6kmh. After 1/1/2018 throttles will likely disappear in the EU because after that date any throttle equipped ebike is subject to type approval, so you need to buy a throttle e-bike soon.
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Ecoride har cyklar som är väldigt lätta att modda så att du kan köra utan att trampa. Som standard så går det endast i 6 km/h med gasreglaget. "Modden" består i princip utav att dra ut en sladd i kontrollboxen, du behöver endast en vanlig stjärnmejsel och typ 10 minuter, väldigt enkelt. Står tom i deras manualer för cyklarna. Tänk dock på att batteriet tar slut väldigt snabbt om du kör på endast motoreffekt.


Ecoride are selling bikes that are easily modifable to suit your needs. Keep in mind that batterylife will suffer if are only using the throttle.