Any new folding launching with mid drive, torque sensor at reasonable price?


Hello there guys,
I see Go cycle GX with good specs but out of my budget; is there any other existing or new models expected to launch soon with mid drive or torque sensor around $2k budget?

My height is 6 ft and I live in canada so i need something that can be purchased here or cheap shipping from us.

I want to transport in my car as my wife drops me at work and I drive back.


Dahon k one plus is a folding bike with a mid drive. I can’t find any reviews, or photos with the battery on the bike. I think it may sit on the top bar. Luna has a mid drive folder on their website, but it’s currently out of stock. I think Tern also makes at least one model with a mid drive.

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Check Bikes Direct website . He deals the motobcane ? Bikes and i remember it had a folding middrive with 20 inch wheels.