Any Progress/News for M620 PEEK/Quiet Gear?


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Bumping this topic to see if anyone knows if a PEEK or alternate quiet gear is anywhere on anyone's project list I could join in on.

I hate the noise of the m620, have no plans to modify past stock power, and I bet there are others out there like me that would love the chance to simply get rid of the noise using one.

I have been looking at PEEK manufacturers to make one myself, but am only starting to look seriously at engaging some of them to see what it would take.

Some companies have options for custom blends (like carbon fiber reenforcement) as well as help with the designs/engineering/testing, and I understand it may be best to redesign the gears vs a direct copy of the steel ones.

If I do go down this rabbit hole on my own, I have no issues going all the way to make it correct since I think the platform and base power is a great product for us larger folks that don't wear spandex and tip the scales over the 150lbs that most smaller motors seem to be marketed for.

If they can get higher power platforms (over 1500w) to function with hard riding testers, I don't understand why it wouldn't put up with my middle-aged street and maybe up to moderate trail riding.

Not that I need yet another winter project, but this one maybe worth it.


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In this day and age of CAD, 3d printing and CNC machining it really shouldn't be that hard to prototype/manufacture what you suggest. While the whole let's make it more watts crew seems to be the vocal majority I suspect that there are way more folks that just run the stock config and rarely stress that level of NM output.

I like the idea of sourcing the strongest matrix of polymers/carbon fibers and hard to believe that it doesn't exist already in some form within the manufacturing industry? Get some sheets made in the right thickness, mount in a CNC, insert bearing, of high quality of course, and it should work just fine. Probably a decent cost for the first one though but there are lots of M620 motors out there that might satisfy ROI? I know I would be down for two!


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There was huge thread on this, which I was involved in, Watt Wagons tried, and all prototypes failed, only the M600 can handle it right now.