Any upgrades to Stromer ST1?


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I just ordered an ST1 Platinum, and while I wait for it to arrive, I thought I'd look into any accessories or upgrades I should get. I have a nice helmet and tire repair kit from my previous bike, but is there anything else I should consider? I know I need a new lock, and I'll read up on those shortly.

Anyone mount an iPhone 6 to their bar for directions?

I was actually advised not to look at clipless pedals for an ebike, mainly due to safety.

Anything else to make my commute more enjoyable?


Adding the city kit is nice for bad weather and also it provides you lights as well. I have a iPhone 5 mounted to my steam and use a Ram Mount to hold the phone. Paniers are really nice as well if you need to carry items and they will hook right onto the city kit.


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A city kit was already on order. Lights are essential for my commute, as is the rear rack and fenders.
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Ravi Kempaiah

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I got a Stromer Platinum in October, and wished I had purchased it earlier because the weather now is just awful. I did many of the same additions/changes that others have listed, however, although I originally thought the City Kit was the way to go, while at the dealer, I changed my mind. I did not like the rack that came with the kit, so the dealer was able to install other fenders, and a Topeak rear rack. I also got the Topeak MTX TrunkBag, which has fold down panniers. I like it a lot. I was told that the rack that comes with the City Kit will not accept the Topeak system - which is wider than the supplied rack.

The problem is that I really wanted the integrated lights that came with the City Kit. Instead, I have a 700 lumen (Bontrager Ion) handle bar mounted light. This is plenty of light, but takes up space on the handle bars. I also got a blinky light for the rear.

Other things I changed/added:
- Ergon GPS4 grips;
-Brooks saddle (women's saddle w/springs #67S (?))
- Small riser on the stem for a better riding position
-Mirrcycle mirror - 1 for the left side
-Abus lock - which is heavy, but I keep it in the Topeak bag, along with a small Kryptonite. I think it takes me too long to lock up the bike, so am always looking for better options.

I like the pedals that came with the Stromer.

To be done: get a better kick stand, since it fell over when loaded. No rush on that since we are having 2 feet of snow tonight, and I won't be riding for a couple of months.


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Yes, I too purchased it in the middle of winter (here in Minnesota). However, this will give me time to set it up the way I like and get it ready to commute when the first warm day comes.

I ordered a few fun items:
- Ergon GP2 grips
- A bike lock
- An ISM Adamo Typhoon seat
- Water bottle and holder

That should keep me busy for a while.


Hi JoePah - I absolutely agree, but most of what people (including me) have done is replace the stock items with personal preferences. For me, it was the seat, grips, rear rack. Then I added a light, mirror, and locks. I think those are just required bike accessories. I hope to use the Stromer as a car replacement when the weather gets warmer, and am waiting for a portable Keurig bike mountable coffee maker! Now that would be a gadget worth having!


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Brian Lee


There is a version of the Topeak that just has Velcro straps on the bottom. That's the one I have mounted to the rear rack of the city kit. There are two straps that connect to the front part of the rack. They don't line up completely (spaced a bit too wide) but do work. The bottom straps are longer than they need to be but do work.

Brian Lee


I mounted the mirrors inward rather than outward so I can get through doorways more easily. I find the position works fine for me.


I installed the following add-ons on my Stromer ST1:

Ergon GP1 grips,
Ergon PC2 pedals,
BodyFloat isolation seatpost,
ISM Adamo Typhoon seat,
Mirrycle mirrors, (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
City kit

I'm quite happy with all of these.

- Brian
Brian, I'm getting a 2nd ST1 and wanted to ask you if the Ergon GP1s are a big difference over the stock grips. THanks. Maybe see you around the SF Bay Area!