Anybody tried this?


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With the front panniers on my bike this is a big problem and I’m going to order this expensive contraption and see how it does

Will post back after I get it installed etc.


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I looked into this as well. Let me know what you think. It sure is expensive but looks really useful.

The alternative is the feedback sports handlebar holder thing


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Almost any Japanese bicycles come with steer stopper from factory.

It's a standard feature on Japanese bikes/ebikes.

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That is really cool that some of the bikes are coming with it, could you send a picture of the specialized levo with it

i’m hoping mine has been delivered to my UPS box but it won’t go on the bike until Thursday

and I probably won’t have any good be back until the following week but I will definitely update this


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Just got in 3 rides using this, really like it, keeps the bike steady

need to get in the habit of using it and unhooking it before i get going again but pretty easy so far

i think it is worth the money
the company was great to work with, very fast communication