Anyone Ever Crunch a Squirrel?


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I'm 98% sure I crunched a rabbit a few weeks ago... Surprisingly I seemed to just go through it, even though I was going about 18 mph. I've been terrified of hitting them but they are all over the trail. I've figured out that if i call out to them (yep I'm the crazy lady on the trail talking to all the rabbits I see) they tend to see me and scamper off the trail, rather than trying to race me and then cutting across right in front of my bike. I've locked up my brakes a few times in those instances.
I was too chicken to turn around and go see if I had actually hit it . It was too dark (and probably too many crows and rats around) to find any evidence either way on the way home.
Here's to hoping that was my last one...


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Hit one on the MUP going probably 25-26 mph. I didn't want to but he jumped right in front of me and the wheel went right over him (don't remember if it was front or rear). I saw him run off into the trees so he was still alive!