Anyone figured out a chain ring protection option for pant cuffs?


Loving my bike but as the weather gets colder, shorts are no longer an option and I've noticed that when I wear pants they get all greased up as they make contact with the top end of the chain ring.

I wish this bike had a proper cover around the top corner of the chain ring so it would not mess up pants.

I realize I can get some sort of a clip to go around the pant cuff but I feel that looks a bit silly so I was wondering if anyone had figured out some type of an option for a cover over the chain ring area that makes contact with the pant cuff.

Thanks for any ideas!


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I just roll up-cuff my pants if I am in street wear. Always available three folds and I am done.. Velcro bands work, but they get lost. That being said, I did buy full length riding pants and a shell this summer, for this time. These are cool too. if you are into the look.

I just prefer wearing casual clothes for biking without needing to clip the pant cuffs, if possible, so I think my best option is a larger chain ring guard that prevents the pant cuff from touching the chain. What a shame they did not make the chain ring guard just a bit larger...

Could someone post the exact size for a chainring guard that will fit an XP Step Through?